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Boss Brands is a specialist men's brand on Innerwear successfully operating from Bangalore for almost a decade now. The actual production happens in the textile hub of Tirupur.

The company has transformed from being a sourcing office for retailing units across India and Middle east to currently rolling out a comfort brand on men's inner wear. In the transformation, we currently have dedicated staff in procurement, design, fabrication, quality control and delivery. This has also resulted in a transition from a small office to a large equipped office and a bonded warehouse close to Coimbatore airport.

Over the past few years, our efficient procurement program meant that our prices were also very competitive in India and the Middle East. The opportunity arose to market in the Middle East and we decided to diversify from our present customer base. We started in a marketing program that has now put our name at a good level with regards to the Middle East in garments, raw material merchants/agents. This was also a positive step for our company since it lowered our risk as far as dealing only with retailing within India. India now accounts for only 50% of our income and the other 50% is broken down into countries such as Middle East, USA, UK and some smaller areas in the Arabia Gulf.

The firm was set up by Mrs. Aarthy who is the M.D along with Mr. Karthikeyan and Mr. Balasubramaniam... Mr. Balasubramaniam holds his chartered Textile Technology certificate from the Thiagarajar Polytechnic. His experience over the past 21years has led to the company prosperity. Mr. Balasubramaniam is also a director and chairman of other companies based in the India, of which some specialize in other fields such as manufacturing and retailing of apparels.

Mrs. Aarthy leads an effective experienced team of personnel at the company. She is the major buyer for all our textile concerns worldwide and is out of the India on regular basis.

The firm deals in all aspects of raw materials for textile manufacturing and processing. We buy a substantial amount of raw materials for several textile firms in China, Bangladesh, Italy and other developing countries. Kindly visit our websites for more information on our product range of Men’s innerwear to be launched.

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  • About

    Boss Retail has a management of dynamic entrepreneurs who understood the disruption of Comfort and Fashion in the innerwear industry. All put together, they have the competence to source the right raw materials and transform them into garments of precise measurements and quality. Ardent efforts are in place for establishing the brand in many states across India. on the whole the core competence of the management is to excel in a challenged environment.

  • Philosophy

    Boss Brands aims at clothing the modern man to express his individuality by draping him with great clothes marking his august presence.

    We plan to introduce varied labels, letting the urban choose, not just clothes, but a statement.

  • Highlights

    May 2016 – Gmcks – Premium Innerwear will be launched in all premiums online shopping and later on FY Jeans label about to develop with casual premium ranges.

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